Urbicovers roll-up covers are the ultimate solution for your pool. Their performance and functionality make them simply incomparable.

The Urbicovers covers provide an impenetrable surface ensuring excellent security of your pool and preventing the drowning of children and pets. They also prevent the entrance of leaves, and dirt in the pool keeping the same clean at all times.

Finally, the rolling covers greatly eliminate the evaporation of water, reducing heating costs and the use of chemical products by approximately 80%, resulting in a considerable budget.

Rollable covers can be integrated in both pools and spas being the favorite system of automatic covers. They are made of extruded PVC or polycarbonate slats, joined together by a special shape.

The slats are hollow to ensure high buoyancy and their isolation from pool water. Completely sealed at their ends, the slats form a floating floor on the surface of the water.

Urbicovers installs its covers both inside the pool and outside of it in both cases with a fully motorized system. The pressure of a button, a key or a remote control activate the closing and opening system of the cover.

High quality covers for swimming pools

We manufacture covers for all types of pools.

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The cover winding is installed inside the pool cup and is completely hidden when the cover is collected.

If it is specified before the construction of the pool, we indicate the necessary provisions to the builder or architect of the work.

However, we also have several systems to install the submerged cover in existing pools.

Please contact us to see the possibilities of integration.



It is a system that offers an aesthetically pleasing installation option for owners of existing pools.

In this system the aluminum or stainless steel shaft is installed on the edge of the pool.

Once assembled, there are several design alternatives for which the owner can choose.

The shaft can be housed in a classic stainless steel frame or hidden in a bench or drawer.

Some of our works

Problem in the pools and solutions with covers


1. Skylights that can be skipped and open doors

The rolling covers of Urbicovers provide an impenetrable surface when operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When it is completely closed, the pool cover can hold the weight of about 80 kilos.

However, parental supervision is always recommended for children in the vicinity of water areas.


2. Complete and regular maintenance of the entire pool

Leaves, dirt and debris give rise to significant expenses in swimming pools to keep them in adequate conditions.

The roll-up covers provide a solid, impenetrable surface to the pool that prevents leaves, branches and other debris from entering the pool cup.

The waste deposited on top is deposited in the skimmers when the same is collected.


3. Losses of heat, water and consumption of chemical products

The pools are at least 23 hours a day without use.

It is during this period when they suffer an unnecessary loss of heat and that would be avoided by placing an automatic cover easy to handle.

A pool with a cover prevents water evaporation and therefore saves on chemical products. It also saves up to 80% heating in heated swimming pools.


4. Condensation and high energy costs in indoor swimming pools

The operation of indoor pools is more expensive. Dehumidification systems operate 24 hours a day. The placement of a rolling cover allows the dehumidifier to turn off when it covers the pool, which leads to considerable energy savings.

The indoor pools produce huge condensations whose effects are the corrosion of metals, rotten wood and the humidity of the walls with consequent stains.